Who is I?

I am 27 years old. I’ve been through what I consider a fair amount experience in such a short time. I’ve waited tables, worked in fast food, worked in clerical for horrible pay, achieved both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and helped start and run not one but two small businesses. Now, I teach high school math in a fairly country town. The students of which whose parents demean everything I try to say and teach because close to 60-something percent of them don’t have any higher education (not strictly necessary, I know, but that’s another blog).

I’ve written since I could remember. Small things, ideas that mostly go half said and unfinished in a drawer to be uncovered sometime in the future during some cleaning spree. But now, now I have an idea I actually want to finish. The problem is sitting down to finish. Besides teaching, I am an avid reader, I bead jewelry as a hobby, I work with husband in his photography business as a second shooter, I help him create Wedding Albums, and I like night-time television shows. In the end, there just will never be enough hours in a day for all I want and have to do.

So this is my proverbial kick in the butt. If this story is ever going to be more than the lump of ideas it is now, then I need to work and continue working at it until I can write “The End.” AND THEN, I need to go back and edit it, have beta readers, and all of it to see if it’s something I want to self-publish. Thankfully, eBooks have made that something that isn’t so filled with bad connotation. Gone of the days of the “FanFictioners” self-publishers and growing are the number of people who take the industry seriously. The idea of printed publishing, to me, still has all the same mystique and wonderousness that it probably will for a long time. But let’s be honest, the entry point of self-publishing is much less demoralizing (at first). So we start there.

This blog is the kick to get me from here to there and what happens along the way. Some ups, some epiphanies, some downs, and some gaps of time. But as titled by Bilbo Baggins with the genius of J.R.R. Tolkien, “There and back again,” I can and will do this.


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