It Worked

My persistence paid off. After 5 days ( including my initial introduction day) of shadowing, I have been offered a position. It’s not full time employee, I am a 90-day contractor, but I am in the door and working!!

Which means, since turning in my official resignation to the school on May 17th, I was hired with pay by June 25. As Dave Ramsey talked about earlier this month, there are people who are going through some really hard times, but besides that I think I want to tell the unemployed to suck it. It’s not always perfect, but you work tirelessly beating down doors until someone decides that your skills are worth it. I did.

I have changed my fate and my career. I am now working under a man who doesn’t just think I’m worth it, but went to bat for me to get a position opened up for me. And instead of fear, I have this overwhelming sense of excitement to do well and live up to these expectations. As a teacher, I always believed that a student did better when better was expected from them. Here is my better. And I plan on fighting til the end to keep it.

In 90 days, I may be back exactly where I was on May 25th, but I will know so much more by then. And hopefully, I will have shown the company how much they need me to stay. Either way, I have walked through this fire and made it. I can do it again.

On an original reason for the blog note, editing of the introduction has been coming along in my spare time. Having some help by a beta. So sometime before November I hope to have a legitimate first draft that is worth showing a few more people.

And I’ve started the outline for book 2. New character and everything. But I hope to edit deep into book 1 to really nail down my characters’ voices before continuing on. I want to know them more before I develop the deeper plot in book 2. I read a book once where author truly had ongoing dialogues and arguments with their characters. I need to find that.

So work and a rough, rough, first draft. A good start to the summer if I say so myself. ^_^



Right now that Annie song is chorusing through my head: Tomorrow, tomorrow. And really, there’s nothing spectacular about tomorrow. But it’s the promise of what it could be.

In the morning, I travel with my close friend who has been helping me job search to his place of work once again. I have a shadow day appointment with the analytics department. The man who is coordinating is a tier two level guy (two sets of peoples below him). We set up the appt last week.

Tonight he takes the time to email me at 10 pm to check to make sure I am coming. I, of course, smacked myself as I realized I should have checked earlier, but I’m learning. I emailed him immediately with a yes.

It’s not a job interview, it’s just more opportunities to network and learn. Yet the promise is there.

So, for now I will let Annie sing. And we will see what actually comes to pass. Now, it means that I have a goal and a purpose.

To really mix things up, in short, I will not go gently into that good night. I am determined to rage, rage against the dying light. 🙂 (Yes, I think that sums it up nicely.)