The Slow Grind

The days are crawling by, yet as I turn to look over my shoulder, all I see are distant days that felt like they would never end. It’s getting to be Spring Break here at the school and everyone from teachers to students to administrators are becoming stir crazy. One more week of classes after today and then 9 blissful days of no students, papers, and lesson plans.

What there WILL be instead in writing and beading. Yes, unfortunately I cannot lay sole blame of me not writing on work. My other hobby has reared its beautifully seductive head. I bead and make necklaces, etc for fun. Well, the fun morphed into an Esty shop. I’ve always been building for about 5 years now as Rounds and Roses, but this is my first aggressive foray into selling my work to more than family and friends. Therefore, all the hype associated with that has occurred as well. From twitter (@RoundsandRoses) to Facebook (Rounds and Roses) I’ve been dutifully trying my best to build more than just casual interest in my necklaces. My luck is probably normal for right now, but so depressing when actually in the middle of it. Forest, tress, yadda yadda yadda.

So, the writing has been growing in small fits and spurts. I finally compiled all the hand written notes from the last few weeks into my Scrivener file – 67k words altogether. But I am looking forward to a quiet apartment and no work.

Yesterday, on the drive home (an hour one way) I had an epiphany for how the next scene was going to go. Not the best time when both hands are supposed to be on the wheel. So, thank the Stars for iPhones. Headset – check, voice memo app – check, record on – check. Of course, if  you had passed me on the road you probably would have been a little intrigued to see a person gesturing and getting emotional. Thankfully, from outside the car, no one would ever know I was literally talking and acting out an entire scene to myself. It’s more than likely a carry over from my theatre days, but talking and acting out certain scenes is much easier for me than thinking in epic novel format. The novel comes together through drafting and notes. In my head, its dialogue and blocking. But don’t ask me to write a script. I would put that italicized block in to no end.

With an empty apartment, I can do both quite happily. I can bounce from computer to pacing and shouting and gesturing back to typing without any questions as to why I am doing what I am doing. That’s the plan anyway.


Whole Plan:

Finishing jewelry commissioned by friends

Write another 15k on the novel (at least ~5 scenes)

Get new job that isn’t teaching


It’s doable, right? Gotta give me some credit for at least still being hopeful at the end of all of these. Haven’t quit yet and don’t plan to.