Best Laid Plans

Today is the start of a four day weekend for me. The school system took the opportunity of President’s Day and added a Furlough day on the preceeding Friday. Poof, instaneous four day weekend, even if a day without pay is kind of cheesy excuse for a vacay.

The plan was to leave at noon today for Hilton Head. Didn’t happen. Long exhausting explanations of why notwithstanding, let’s just say it didn’t work out. So the plan of sitting in a rent free condo on Hilton Head island while it rains and the beach is still in winter hibernation writing my little heart out isn’t the reality now. Instead, I’m still in my little apartment with a half-decided but as yet uncreated writing space with Thank you cards to write, photo business to help with, and all I want to do is run away with my husband and my friend and my dog.

Thus, the new plan, not to let circumstances get me down. I’ve cleaned the apartment to a bearable standard again. I have a clean cover on futon and the kitty asleep next to me. I write my blog post as my starting point (word count same as yesterday’s post) and another at the end to see how far I’ve gotten. Moving forward. Walk before you run. Every little bit helps. And all that jazz.




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