Best Laid Plans

Today is the start of a four day weekend for me. The school system took the opportunity of President’s Day and added a Furlough day on the preceeding Friday. Poof, instaneous four day weekend, even if a day without pay is kind of cheesy excuse for a vacay.

The plan was to leave at noon today for Hilton Head. Didn’t happen. Long exhausting explanations of why notwithstanding, let’s just say it didn’t work out. So the plan of sitting in a rent free condo on Hilton Head island while it rains and the beach is still in winter hibernation writing my little heart out isn’t the reality now. Instead, I’m still in my little apartment with a half-decided but as yet uncreated writing space with Thank you cards to write, photo business to help with, and all I want to do is run away with my husband and my friend and my dog.

Thus, the new plan, not to let circumstances get me down. I’ve cleaned the apartment to a bearable standard again. I have a clean cover on futon and the kitty asleep next to me. I write my blog post as my starting point (word count same as yesterday’s post) and another at the end to see how far I’ve gotten. Moving forward. Walk before you run. Every little bit helps. And all that jazz.




The Last Post was When?

Alright, it defintely didn’t feel like the last post I wrote was back towards the end of January. January 26th to be exact. And things were rolling so smoothly. Still, I need to just accept the fact I am not a linear writer and quit trying to make myself write from beginning to end and let the gaps extend to insurmountable behemoths while I wait for an epiphany.

It was a lull though. Reminds me of the episode of The Big Bang theory where Sheldom references a problem in physics he just couldn’t seem to work through. He ends up quoting Eistein saying that sometimes genius needs menial labor to percolate (or some such Sheldon speak). Either way, I think my brain was working in the background while I continued on the menial task of teaching high school children things they couldn’t care less about.

Either way, I like the way the story is going again. I like the tension that is building and the climatic parts I am forshadowing at this point. I’ve been reading a lot of, well, the best thing to call them is probably “How to Write” books. Characterization, setting, description, dialogue, paranormal genre, etc. I finally had to start a notebook of all the information because it was way too much to try and process now WHILE still writing.

What I Have Learned:

 — my Characters need more umph

 — my Settings are too vague or too expository

 — my Dialogue needs a little “playwright” editing

 — my Entire Novel needs an overhaul — Oh, wait, its a first draft

And yes, that’s how my brain works through it all as I sit down to write and I re-read just that last few paragraphs to re-immerse myself. Not perfect, but the words are slowly builing. I’ve gotten to at least 63, 000 now.

One thing I have noticed as well is that I bounce quite regularly back and forth between computer writing with Scrivener and free-handing in my story notebook. I think my prose is better hand-written, but I defintely go for much longer stints on the computer. Which is completely logical. I think I might just stick with whatever I have. I am looking forward to Scrivener on iPad though so I can take my work with me easier. Especially with access to save things to the cloud, multiple backups are great. Thankfully, having a husband who is a photographer means that I am already super paranoid about backing things up in multiple locations prior to losing a huge amount of work.

Finally, we’ve been reorganizing a little bit again. I think the dining room table is going to storage and we are going to convert the dining nook to a sitting space. The living room is too “lived in” for a writing niche, and completely overrun with tax paperwork now. We are also using the new space for a chest freezer to save some money and eat at home. In all, the dining room table (read flat space to pile stuff) is going and new hotness is coming in. I love the cozyness and cost of my little apartment, but I miss my fireplace especially with as rainy as this winter’s been.