Good Day

I sat down to write at 9:30 PM tonight. I was expecting 30-45 min of attention, then off to bed. Now, at almost 11 PM I found a place suitable for stopping for the night. It felt great.

No magic epiphany, just the keyboard, music, and some uninterrupted time. I say on my futon with my compy propped on a foot stool. It helped finishing a very good Fallen Angel book: Highborn by Yvonne Navarro. It was so cool with characters I not only liked from the start, but I felt that I could believe. The girl, the fallen angel trying to redeem her way back into heaven, feels so real even as the author portrays her so far removed from our everyday world. I finished the 375 page paperback in about 1.5 days of reading. So glad I have the second one already waiting in the wings for me.

Also, I figured I would a shout out to my writing program. If there is anyone who likes to write non-linearly (like me) who should look into this program called Scrivener. The sheer power of the program, well, I haven’t even tried all the bells and whistles yet. But the backup, layout, formatting, and syncing processes alone sell the insanely reasonable ticket of $45. But the fact it can export into a completely manuscript formatted document in the format of .doc, .pdf, eBook, and Kindle. The last two alone are irreplaceable for anyone considering self-publishing. They are even working on a iPad app version that should be amazingly awesome once finished. Think of the power to take your work on the portability of the iPad with the syncing power of always having you labtop or desktop with you.

Anyway, looking to replace their old word processor should look into Scriviner and never look back.

For now, I am crashing. Another work day tomorrow then a wedding show this weekend with my husband to try and drum up some more photography business for the year.


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