A Day of Stuff

So the day went by quick. Teaching, helping my team teacher get ready for some time off because her daughter is ill and needs to be taken to the hospital. Hopefully, its nothing major, but they do want a second opinion. Spent the time I had today writing a 750 essay for Forsyth County so, fingers crossed, I won’t have to drive an hour to work and back every day. Home and a quick nap because head/sinus stuffiness does NOT need to turn into sinus infection that involves doctors and time off work. Finally, racquetball and biking for my new year’s resolution and now bed.

Just not feeling the writing tonight. I thought with yesterday’s epiphany that it might come easily as well tonight. Alas, tired and achy has beaten out my creativity for the night. Tomorrow, first period will be taking a test. Maybe I will squeeze some writing time in then. For now, I will simply be a puny human and slink off to my heated mattress for the night.

Sleep well all.


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