Clarity and Calling

I once read that some famous author said that if you ever are faced with writer’s block, simply have whatever character is at hand walk through a door holding a gun. Not necessarily something that comes up too often in non-mystery/thriller/noir. But handy nonetheless. So my main, male, protagonist walked through the front holding a compact submachine gun with the crazy idea to save the world (ok there’s more than that, but you get the picture) and blam. The heavens opened up, light shone down on my keyboard, and I saw with the clarity of the clarion call of angels that I knew where I was going.

I had the twist I had been looking for how to put in since I found that these people might have more than a simple save the world story to tell. There’s this whole history and idea of a secret cult society I thought was simple fluff for Ceara, my lead female protagonist, to have an interesting past. Hell ya, it’s interesting. So Atlanta is getting a invasion of cult Demon hunters. This ought to be good.

And so to end the post, with another little over 1,100 words, I will do what I did when our NanoNapped group on Facebook needed some encouragement during November. Which is, post the last line you wrote, and I will take artistic liberties and add a few more sentences for dramatic effect:

“The dull metal blade glinted in the failing light. The stars were twinkling into existence and they lent a silver trace to otherwise boring steel. If I faced them, I could very well be forfeiting my existence. If they knew of the blood I had split, whether for the sake of saving a life or not, I might already be hunted…

…I wasn’t going anywhere fast without transportation though. I needed to see if any of our yappy, dog walking neighbors were trusting enough of their neighborhood to keep their keys in their unlocked vehicle…”


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