What a Difference a Day Makes

Corny but true. My mother always told me everything looks better in the morning. I don’t think she meant that morning light made good photographs. But in the wee hours of the morning, it truly can look the darkest before the dawn.

Another dreary weather day in Georgia meant cold wind, drizzle, and occasional real rain kept me indoors and made me sleep way past my usual awake time of 8 AM. Last night, I had basked in the new glory and joy of my first comment and like and follow for my blog. I loved being found and like the metaphorical hand out of the darkness, Carmen Lezeth Suarez, gave me a belief in what I was doing. And really, it was what she said that made it worth while. As a writer, as we are all writers in some way, we all want to know that we aren’t along in our struggles. That someone else, some stranger, may care what we are going through and simply say, “I’ve been where you are, and I have seen the other side.” A message of hope? Maybe, one would like the glass always to be half full. Mostly, its a message of companionship, understanding, empathy.

So I embarked on the day to simply enjoy my Sunday. I had school to teach for the following 5 days. 3 classes of children whom the system has convinced aren’t good enough to make it. 3 classes who complain so much I just want to scream at them somedays. 3 classes of children who tell me at least once a day that they look forward to my class for a chance to laugh and smile and feel understood.

I chilled. Sat. Lazed. Enjoyed. And, sometime, miraculously, through all that, another 1,000 words emerged onto the page. And I learned that my rut wasn’t just me, but it was the part where the story lulls a bit between action. Later, during editing, I will have to fix the pacing to make sure my reader doesn’t end up with the same drudery that I felt. But for now, those pages simply exist and that is good.

Tonight, I sleep. Tomorrow, I teach. And I simply have to remember that word count is simply another measurement of time. The journey there is the best part. (I mean if you start with cliche, might as well end with one too)


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